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ACI San Diego Concrete Awards Submissions

2018 Awards Entry Form is Here!


To recognize excellence and innovation for the use of concrete as the premier architectural/structural building material.


Project Categories:

  1. Commercial / Industrial  Building
  2.  Residential Building Structure (Example: High-rise, Mid-rise, ICF, Concrete Home, Mixed use buildings utilizing concrete) 
  3. Transportation / Infrastructure (Example: Streets & Intersections, Paving, Vehicular Bridges, Pedestrian Bridges, White Topping) 
  4. Military or other Public Project
  5. Architectural Concrete
  6. Concrete Products (Example: Pre-Cast, Blocks, Pavers, Retaining Walls, etc.)
  7. Art in Concrete (Cast-In-Place or Pre-Cast) 
  8. Innovation of Concrete (Cast-In-Place or Pre-Cast) 
  9. Concrete Sustainability or LEED application (concrete used to enhance sustainability)
  10. Repair and Restoration


Judging Criteria (Projects must have been completed in the years 2017-2018)

  • Employing a unique or innovative application in the method or material in the design and construction.
  • The construction team achieves superb results in quality and/or schedule.
  • Employing concrete in an architectural finish or concrete as artwork.
  • Substituting concrete for other building materials (asphalt, steel)
  • Concrete used to increase the overall project’s sustainability


Click here for the application form: