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ACI San Diego President's Message

Dear Members,

I think we can all agree that the past few months have been like something we have never experienced before. Sure, we’ve seen downturns and recessions and even our fair share of global and national incidents, but nothing that has shut down the city, state, country, and world like this Covid-19 Pandemic has. It has impacted our industry, our companies, our fellow co-workers, and our own families. Much like every other company, organization, and family, ACI San Diego has had to adapt with the changing times. Just as wearing a mask, keeping hand-sanitizer at the ready, checking your temperature daily, and social distancing were ways society has had to adapt to keep our community safe, ACI San Diego has had to make changes to our operations to keep everyone safe as well.

First, I want to commend our LSG Group – specifically Steve Campbell and Heather Caya – for what they’re doing for our organization. As much as we may all love lunch seminars or socials, our ACI Certification programs are the main function and purpose of our organization as well as one of our main sources of income. When the State of California and City of San Diego shut down in mid-March, our ACI Certification programs shut down as well. These certifications are not something that can be prepped for and the exams are not something that can be done over Zoom. Steve and Heather have worked hard to adapt our certification policies and procedures to meet the CDC, State, and County requirements and recommendations in order to keep our participants and instructors safe. Our ACI Certifications are now starting to catch up on the backlog of certification courses that we had to postpone. We are limiting the number of participants per session for as long as we need to, but doing what we can to try and meet the demand for certifications – especially after a 2-month hiatus. Hopefully, a schedule with new certification offerings will be hitting our website soon. Again, this would not have been possible without Steve and Heather’s hard work as well as the many volunteer instructors, proctors, etc. that work behind the scenes and giving up evenings and weekends to put these certification courses on. Thank you to all of you.

I also want to commend our ACI Board Members for their help in guiding the organization during this time. We’ve had a few Zoom meetings together to figure out how to operate this organization in the short term (during the different phases of Shelter-in-Place orders) as well as in the long term (what does it look like when everything at least partially opens up – Phase 3 – or fully opens up – Phase 4?). I will say that it hasn’t been easy. The by-laws written for this organization and updated many years ago did not have a pandemic clause or an instruction manual of how to handle functions when the greater group could no longer meet or get together. Truthfully, at the end of the day, 2020 is going to be a year where things will just be done different, hopefully temporarily, but still different, because of the way Covid-19 has impacted all of us. As the Board, we’d like to be open and be transparent with everyone on some of those changes and what our operations/events will be going forward for the rest of this year.

  • Annual Golf Tournament: We have made the difficult decision to cancel the ACI San Diego golf tournament for this 2020 year. Our tournament is centered around the fellowship, hanging out, and fun that occurs before the golf round, during it, and definitely at the reception afterwards. We just didn’t think regulations currently required would be conducive to putting on the type of event that we would like, as well as the type of event you would want to attend. Here’s to crossing our fingers that 2021 allows us to throw a golf tournament like we’re used to!
  • Board Promotions/Election: Due to the current hiatus, there have been minimal Board activities and meetings. Typically, Board elections and promotions would occur in May. With the lack of lunch seminars, group meetings, or mixers, everything has essentially been put on hold and this also applies to this year’s board election. The current plan is to reach out and announce nominees for the ACI San Diego Board this summer and to announce those potential nominations at the first in-person event we hold. We will follow that with an election/vote that will occur online on our website and hopefully we will be able to announce the new board, treasurer, vice president, and president of ACI San Diego for the 2020-2021 year at the following event. Until then, I guess you’re stuck with me and the rest of the current board.


I started writing this message a few weeks ago, and since I started the letter, a lot in the world has already changed – hopefully laying the foundation for a better future. We are seeing the country and state start to open back up, and starting to see reports that maybe the potency of COVID-19 is starting to trend downward like many other diseases before it. Speaking for myself and the Board, we look forward to seeing you all at an event sometime soon – whenever we are safely able. Until then, stay safe.

Casey Teng

ACI San Diego Chapter President 2019-2020