Important Dates
March 6 – Design Report Deadline
April 6 – PSWC


March 1, 2017

Pour day may be over with, however the SDSU Concrete Canoe team has been busy at work this past month. Since pour day, the team has been working on the design report. Currently, the team is still making minor changes however they are confident they can deliver a quality report on time. With the theme of “Top Gun” the team was able to creatively work the idea into the canoe as well as the report. Below is the cover page to the report.

On November 5th, the team poured their prototype canoe. This past weekend, the team tested the prototype out in the waters of Mission Bay for the first time. Even after some heavy lifting and transportation, the canoe showed no signs of cracks and leakage. Because of a new mix regulation this year, the prototype canoe weighed in around 220lbs. This is about 35lbs heavier than last year’s canoe.

Although the team designed a heavier canoe, the benefits of a stronger, but heavier, mix proved itself superior when tested in the water. This was a risk the team was willing to take to have a seaworthy canoe that could survive in the water and during transportation.  

Following the success of the prototype, the team plans to have a strong and successful canoe ready for competition. By the end of this week, the final canoe will be fully cured and the team will begin the finishing process. This will include patching, sanding, applying aesthetic décor, and sealing.

This year’s competition will take place at UC, Irvine during April 6th, 7th, and 8th. Display and oral presentations will be held on April 6th and the canoe races will be on April 7th.