What does ACI San Diego do for you?

What does ACI San Diego do for you?

We believe that knowing more about concrete will improve your business. ACI San Diego plans quality educational seminars on real world topics that you come across every day. There are local and national experts in the concrete field to help pass on information and answer critical questions concerning concrete. Instructors include educators, engineers, contractors, consultants, material suppliers, and others with signiÞcant expertise in the topics presented.


See something you haven't seen before. Tours are planned on a regular basis to such places as cement plants, rock quarries, and batch plants where new technologies are showcased to the industry. Visits to unique concrete projects during the construction phase.

Special events are scheduled throughout the year to help you further your business connections and relationships. These events are opportunities to get to know colleagues on a personal level that will help you meet new friends and make business relationships for mutual gain. Networking opens new opportunities for:

  • joint ventures, partnerships, needs for your services

  • needed connections and desired referrals

  • professional advice & assistance

  • forge new friendships

Giving Back
ACI San Diego is committed to helping the concrete professionals of tomorrow. The chapter provides a scholarship to college students that have an interest in the concrete industry. In addition we sponsor a science fair and concrete canoe teams at the local universities.

With your ACI membership you will also receive the American Society of Concrete Contractors Newsletter which will be posted on our website and also receive the member rate on any books and or seminars you attend! Join today and be a part of the Concrete Team!

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